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If someone asked if you wanted to replace your missing teeth with a flipper, you would probably do a double take, and understandably so. “Flipper” is a term that is used to describe a tooth replacement that is similar to a denture. A flipper is not a denture in the conventional sense. More precisely, it is a retainer with prosthetic front teeth mounted on it. It is called a flipper since it can easily be flipped out of place with your tongue.

More often than not, a flipper is not used as a permanent solution for lost teeth. It is usually employed to serve as a temporary measure until a person’s gums heal from an extraction, or until permanent dentures can be made. However, a flipper is not as expensive as regular dentures, and may be a good solution if finances are a concern.

A flipper is not as strong as regular dentures, and some care should be used when biting or exerting pressure on them. They need to be cleaned every night, but you should not clean them as you would your normal teeth. Regular toothpaste can damage your filipper, so use toothpaste made for dentures and a soft-bristled toothbrush or a denture brush. Like dentures, your flipper can lose its shape if it is allowed to dry out, so you should soak it each night in a denture solution.

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