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Our bodies are continually changing with time. Our oral health is the same way. As we age, it is essential to take extra care of our smile, more so than ever before to avoid any oral health disasters that may occur.

Our dentist, Dr. Shay Markovitch, is happy to help you understand your oral health. That is why our team at Wappingers Falls Dental Arts in Wappingers Falls, New York, wants to share with you some insight on how to take care of your smile.

Here are some tips and tricks for taking care of your oral health:

– Avoid dry mouth because it can lead to bacteria growing in your smile, so keep hydrated each day.
– Visit your dentist every six months to avoid any serious problems that may occur.
– Remember to clean your dentures thoroughly daily, so the bacteria can’t seep into your gums causing gum disease.
– As we age, brushing and flossing may become hard with hand coordination or arthritis, so try switching to an easier to use tool like an electric toothbrush or water flosser.
– Quit habits involving tobacco use because it dramatically increases your chances of cancer and can cause numerous other health problems.
– Remember your brushing and flossing habits to keep your smile clean and healthy.

If you need help with your teeth and gums, or if you need a dental exam, our team of experts are here to help you. Please give us a call at 845-297-0757 to see one of our oral health care professionals.