The Instructions You Need for an Effective Flossing Routine

Do you floss your teeth every day? If so, good for you! Do you floss properly each day? To help you know for sure, our dentist, Dr. Shay Markovitch, has some instructions for you. These flossing instructions can help you properly and effectively clean your smile as well as help you have a top-notch oral health. Those instructions are:

-Remove about 18 inches of floss from the floss box. Then, wrap most of the floss around your two middle fingers, but leave about 2 inches of floss between them.

-Use your thumb and index finger to press the section of floss between two teeth. Be careful not to snap the floss into place because snapping the floss can injure the gums.

-Once the floss is in place, use it to clean the sides of the teeth and gumline. It’s important to remove all plaque, bacteria, and food particles that are there.

-To remove the floss, use a back-and-forth motion to pull the floss out from between the teeth.

-When you move to the next crevice, use a clean section of floss. It’s best to use clean floss so you can have a better clean.

Call Wappingers Falls Dental Arts today at 845-297-0757 if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about flossing in Wappingers Falls, New York. Our dental team is here to help you, and we look forward to giving you the answers, tips, and information you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

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