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Root canals can be a very important part of taking care of your teeth. If the pulp of your tooth becomes infected, it can cause problems for your tooth, jaw and even other parts of your body. During a root canal, the dentist will remove the infected pulp and replace it with a medicated substitute, clean and seal the interior of your tooth and may place a crown on it to protect it.

After your root canal, you should be on the lookout for problems such as continued pain or pressure, swelling, a fever or nausea. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact our dentist, Dr. Shay Markovitch right away. You may need a root canal retreatment.

A tooth can become re-infected because of additional decay below the crown, or the crown may not completely protect the tooth from harmful bacteria. Damage to the tooth or crown can allow infection to penetrate the tooth, or the root chamber may not have been completely cleaned during your first root canal.

During a re-treatment, our dentist may essentially repeat the root canal process, although he may have to access the bottom of the roots to reach any leftover decayed material.

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